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Koi eating behavior

Feeding behavior of koi carp

Feed intake is directly related to the water temperature in the koi pond. The warmer the water, the more feed is needed and used. Please note the feeding recommendations for the respective koi food in our web shop or from the retailer of your choice.

Koi can also taste similar to humans, so they spit out food that they don't like. Everyone has certainly seen this phenomenon at the koi pond.

In a garden pond with a muddy bottom, you can sometimes see the fish goby. They can detect hidden food animals with their barbels. They put large amounts of mud in their mouths and sort out the food components from the mud. This is the natural feeding of carp.

When eating, the koi first check the food in their mouths, then chew it up in their throats with the help of their throat teeth.

In general, the eating behavior of the koi is designed to take in a lot of food in the shortest possible time. However, the Koi has no "feeling of fullness".

High-quality koi food for species-appropriate nutrition

In order to feed the koi appropriately for their species, a correspondingly high-quality koi food should of course also be made available. With the range of KENJI Koi food types, you can offer your darlings the species-appropriate nutrition that you also need!

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