KENJI koi food

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High-quality products for the pond

KENJI KOI Products has set itself the task of offering high-quality products for koi and ponds for customers throughout Europe at reasonable prices. The highest priority was the quality of the products.

In addition to the selection of high-quality products, we guarantee fresh goods that will reach you quickly. Who wants to wait a long time for ordered goods? none! Products ordered from us are easy to order, are paid for securely and are delivered within a very short time.

In addition to being sold to end customers, the products from KENJI KOI Products are also offered and marketed by specialist dealers. retailer? We look forward to your inquiry!

  • KENJI KOI feed

    With us you will find the KENJI koi food directly from the manufacturer. With us you will find a selection of a balanced nutritional concept for koi carp

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  • KENJI KOI pond care

    Which pond owner doesn't want clear pond water? If this is no longer possible naturally or through the filter, our pond care products can help.

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  • KENJI KOI filter fleece

    High-quality filter fleece Made in Germany and without chemical binding agents, that's what the filter fleece from KENJI KOI stands for. Suitable for all filter fleece filters with a 70mm roll core.

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