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KENJI KOI Snack - Silkworms

KENJI KOI Snack - Silkworms

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KENJI KOI Snack - Silkworms

The special snack with extra protein for your darlings. High-quality pure sieved and filtered silkworms from direct import.


The treats should only be made available to the Koi when the water temperature is above 16°.

Due to the high protein content, silkworms are not suitable as a complete food, they should be given as a snack in addition to the normal food.

A rough guideline for feeding silkworms should be: one silkworm for every 10cm of Koi (the amount can be doubled if the water parameters and temperatures are around 24°).


Silkworm pupae should always be stored in a cool, dry place.

(The fats become rancid if stored incorrectly and can cause severe health problems in Koi!)


if stored correctly, approx. 12 months.

Larger opened packs should be frozen or re-vacuum sealed if possible.

Please note:

Always look out for fresh silkworm pupae.Silkworm pupae about 1hr. soak in lukewarm water.Silkworm pupae are a treat for the koi and are not the sole food.


Crude protein: 52%

Crude fat: 22%

Crude fiber: 2%

Crude ash: 4%

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