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KENJI KOI Baby Koi Food 3 - 1KG

KENJI KOI Baby Koi Food 3 - 1KG

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KENJI KOI Baby Koi Food 3 - 1kg

KENJI KOI Baby Koi Food 3 is a high-quality rearing feed for Koi carp and pond fish.

This feed effectively supports the growth and bone development of the young fish through high-quality protein sources.

Especially in the first phase of life, the feeding of the young fish is extremely important for the growth of the fish in the entire life phase. If optimal feeding is not guaranteed here, the entire growth is slowed down.

The extra small 1.2-2.2mm feed grains sink slowly.

This food is fed after KENJI KOI Baby Koi Food 2. Following this food, we recommend the KENJI KOI Growth+ and KENJI KOI Color & Growth .

Due to the high-quality composition, it is highly digestible for the fish. A high vitamin content and a balanced fatty acid profile also support the development of your young fish.

Feeding recommendation: Feed in small portions several times a day, never more than the fish eat in 3-4 minutes. If the fish can later eat the larger 3mm pellets, it is still advisable to mix in these smaller pellets.

Composition: fish meal, wheat, wheat gluten, lecithin, fish oil,

Monocalcium phosphate, yeast products.

Analysis: Protein: 46%; fat: 10%; crude fiber: 0.9%; ash: 10.1%; Total P: 1.76%

Content: 1kg. Resealable freshness packaging

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