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KENJI Koi Growth+ growth food 5kg

KENJI Koi Growth+ growth food 5kg

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Who doesn't want to have big koi carp with a perfect body? With KENJI Koi Growth+, your Koi grow up healthy and optimally cared for. This feed was developed based on years of experience, our own tests and the opinion of numerous experts.

It is a complete feed for koi carp to promote growth through a balanced protein/energy ratio, which not only ensures optimal growth but also optimal muscle development in the fish.

Thanks to high-quality ingredients such as the finest fish meal and the finest insect meal, it is not only of a particularly high quality composition and easily digestible, but also very tasty for your darlings.

In addition to high-quality fish meal and insect meal, KENJI Koi Growth+ also contains a balanced profile of amino acids and algae rich in Omega3.

The KENJI Koi Growth+ swims on the surface for a long time and also does not disintegrate. This also makes it possible to observe the food intake of your darlings.

Like our other koi foods, this food is very water stable and helps to maintain good water quality.

Because koi don't have a stomach that works like a storehouse, they like to eat frequently but in smaller amounts. This behavior can be encouraged by feeding smaller amounts more often. Please never feed more than your koi will eat in 4-5 minutes.

KENJI Koi Growth+ can be fed from a water temperature of 12 degrees.

Available in 3mm and 6mm grit.

Protein 44%
fat 11%
Crude fiber 1.5%
Ash 9.5%
Phosphorus 1.2%
Calcium 1.4%
Sodium 0.3%

Vitamins Energy (/kg):
Vitamin A 10,000 IU/kg Total 19.5 MJ 4.7 Mcal
Vitamin D3 2,000 IU/kg Digestible 17.7 MJ 4.2 Mcal
Vitamin E 200 mg/kg usable 15.6 MJ 3.7 Mcal
Vitamin C (stable) 150 mg/kg

fishmeal; soybean meal (steam heated); Wheat; fish oil; Palm oil; premix

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Frau Eva Blaßneck

KENJI Koi Growth+ Wachstumsfutter 5kg

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