KENJI Koi steht für hervorragende Produkte rund um Koi & Teich - KENJI KOI Products

KENJI Koi stands for excellent products for everything to do with koi and ponds

At KENJI Koi Products you only get high-quality products. But what exactly does that mean? When is a food or care product? How do we determine that?

Very simple: For us, three factors count: experience, science and the application of long-term studies.

This is exactly our mission statement for our products. Here we fall back on well-known industry experts and scientists, in particular veterinarians (focus on koi and fish health). But even that is not enough. Every product has to prove itself in our plant. And only when we are convinced, do we include the product in our range.

This enables us to consistently offer you maximum quality. In one of the other blog posts we will also go into our permanent quality assurance.

Stay tuned.

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