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Why KENJI koi food

There are countless brands of koi food, but why should you feed the koi food from KENJI Koi Products, for example?

In the field of koi food, as in many other areas, there are many different opinions. There is no guideline as to what makes good koi food, and there is also no one koi food that is the best. But there are facts that you can focus on and use them to develop a koi feed. These facts come from science, but above all, from experience.

KENJI Koi feed contains high-quality raw materials

It depends on the composition, but also on the raw materials used. Fishmeal is not just fishmeal, the price differences for fishmeal are huge... We only use fine, high-quality fishmeal for our feeds.

Of course, it's not just the fishmeal that counts, but all the ingredients in a feed. We pay attention to a high-quality composition of the feed and ensure the consistently high quality of the raw materials and the end product through our own quality control and the quality control of our GMP-certified manufacturer.

The higher the quality of the ingredients, the lower the water pollution

If the ingredients of the koi feed are of particularly high quality, the fish can process them better and the water pollution is automatically lower.

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