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KENJI KOI aerator plate

KENJI KOI aerator plate

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KENJI KOI aerator plate

High-quality aeration plate for fine-beaded oxygen in the garden pond. The KENJI KOI aerator plates are made of silicon carbide which is produced at 1200 degrees Celsius. These high temperatures ensure a long service life for these panels.

Aerator plates are known for their high air permeability, which is why they are ideal for aerating a koi pond.

Models: The aerator plate is available in two dimensions:

⌀ 107mm x 19mm - air hose connection: 4/ or 8/10mm - air flow rate: 9L/min⌀ 200mm x 27mm - air hose connection: 8/10mm - air flow rate: 28L/min

Material: sintered silicon carbide

With PVC border and base

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